A 300,000 RMB subsidy for our client !


August 13, 2015



After more than 2 months of effort, BASSETTI has successfully completed the preparation and submission of the “City Level Enterprise Technical Center Certification” for a foreign automotive company.
This subsidy is typically awarded to the enterprises who support R&D in their activities.The government grant includes an official certification and a 300,000 RMB reward

The Chinese government provides various types of subsidies to encourage the companies who are currently maintaining R&D activities to continue on their path.

BASSETTI offers support to companies who are seeking to apply for the ”Super Deduction”, a tax incentive that can help companies save up to 150% of their R&D costs. In a recent success story, after using our application, one of our clients saved approximately 1 Million RMB in taxes with the “Super Deduction”.


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