About us


BASSETTI China is specialized in Technical Expertise Management® and operates in departments such as R&D, quality, production and sourcing since 1992. We outsource experts and guide businesses through the research of their subsidies and partnership. BASSETTI China is also the editor of a customizable software, TEEXMA®, that allows companies to structure and capitalize on their critical information.

BASSETTI China is a consulting company specialized in Technical Expertise Management®. The company was created in order to bring support to R&D all around the world and more specifically to the Chinese market. We noticed that foreign companies here could face different types of challenges:

• Finding the right creative mind and the right expertise. This is why one of our services today consists in supporting all technical departments in their recruitment process and more importantly to provide them with the appropriate technical human resource thanks to our outsourcing service.

• Create, structure and organize knowledge. The main goal of R&D is to create knowledge but experts don’t necessarily know how to structure and organize it in a way that will allow adding value and sharing it, in a much secured way. For that reason, we developed our tool TEEXMA® which now helps more than 150 companies to structure their technical documents and data.

• R&D financial support from the Chinese Government. The Chinese government is highly in favor of R&D and is ready to invest large amounts of money in Chinese and Foreign R&D centers. Even if people are aware of it, many don’t know what kind exactly and how to apply for it. This is why BASSETTI China has developed the most comprehensive Chinese R&D subsidies’ database and a full support service to assist you in the application process as well as enhance your presence and “Guanxi” in China thanks to our network.

The BASSETTI team is made up of a group of engineers equally competent in Technical Expertise Management®. We are at the intersection of several domains:

• Knowledge management and knowledge structuring;

• Computer science, information systems, and software engineering;

• Engineering, research, and development.

The responsiveness of our team and the flexibility of our tools allow for us to offer truly personalized solutions that are perfectly adapted to each of our client’s needs and expectations.

BASSETTI was founded in 1992 by David Bassetti, PHD Engineer in Material sciences. A year later in 1993, the company produced FUZZYMAT, which was one of the first software applications that allowed for the selection of materials. The software quickly became a great success, which then encouraged the company to create and edit new forms of software.

In 2000 BASSETTI had completed its development of METFinder. This was a system that was combined to create an efficient integration methodology that made way for the structuring of technical information in R&D departments. From this date, BASSETTI then developed the concept of Technical Expertise Management® which is still the company’s main focus of operation today. This concept creates space for the structuring of a knowledge database from internal know-how and intelligence.

In 2003 the first Web version of the software was created and then in 2006 an API was implemented into the technical structure which led to the creation of new functions for data values.

In 2008, the company officially went international. This year also saw BASSETTI’s successful METFinder software platform, renamed to its current title of TEEXMA®, an acronym for (TEchnical EXpertise MAnagement).

In 2010, BASSETTI expanded outside of Europe for the first time by establishing a subsidiary in Shanghai, China which gave way to the company’s entrance into the Asia Pacific technical markets.