February 28, 2018


2018 is the year of the dog. In western culture, the dog embodies values such as honesty, friendship, loyalty, intelligence, sincerity, venerableness and strong sense of responsibility. And all these values represent the spirit you can find in BASSETTI TEAM.

To carry on the ‘dog spirit’ and celebrate celebrate the great 108% growth in 2017, our team organized an adventure rather than a traditional annual dinner.

Finding the clue, finishing the crossword, even kicking the Chinese ‘Jian Zi’ couldn’t stop the teams to hunt down the treasure.

Our treasure hunt winning team “Gold”.

After arrival everyone signed in the BASSETTI SIGNATURE WALL. 

The party started with two inspiring speeches from the General Manager of Bassetti China, Stephanie TIREL, and our Group CEO David BASSETTI, who came straight from France to share this moment with us.

Besides the Annual Party, we also prepared a surprise for our General Manager’s birthday! It was the perfect occasion to celebrate this all together. And our team got involved into a blind-eating cake challenge without leaving even a slice of it!

BASSETTI’s Got Talent!

Right after Arabic game,  all the newcomers performed on popular Chinese songs and even danced, successful challenge for our foreigner staff members.

The winning team after our challenging and team-building games.

They all received a gift, symbol of BASSETTI’s values we want to carry on for this fresh beginning of the year, and to the years to come.

A delicious dinner was waiting for us to perfectly end the party all together and cheer to this promising year of 2018.



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