February 22, 2017


In BASSETTI China, our team is like a family.
All our departments work together to provide you the best services.
Our business developers are your principal asset. They launch and explain your project to all the other teams.
The IT team, leads by Lei, is in charge of your TEEXMA project for your R&D and manufacturing department.
Furthermore, our company got a complete team of HRs that has grown with 6 more members in 2016. Their main goal is to find you the best consultants from all over the world for your company. Or to propose you high qualified consultant from our database.
In an other hand, on our administration department, we manage your subsidies application to the Chinese government. We have the Chinese legislation knowledge and we help you to get subsidies. Our efficient method permit one of our client to get 5 million RMB.


Also we have a lot of consultants working at clients’ place, delivering the technical service with their expertise and BASSETTI standards.

IMG_2711 - 副本
Better cohesion makes better work.


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