October 26, 2018


The deadline for the BIQS qualification is close. Since April 2018, Shanghai General Motors (SGM) has updated the new certification requirements for all their suppliers to upgrade from QSB to BIQS. This upgrade from SGM is very important for Complete Vehicle and Powertrain industries to follow in next year.



Compared with the latest version of QSB+, there are a lot of new modules to complete in the BIQS. There are 29 different qualifications that need to be completed for next year. The concept for this upgrade is to enhance the quality control by preventing more defects with less overall quality cost.



Focusing on Technical Expertise Management for more than 25 years, BASSETTI noticed the urgent needs for the Automotive industry. BASSETTI developed and implemented several software solutions for BIQS needs with leading companies in Tier 1.

专注于专业技术管理25年,BASSETTI 抓住了汽车行业这一紧迫的需求。BASSETTI已经为几个顶尖的汽车零配件供应商开发并实施了软件解决方案,以解决BIQS的审核问题。

Thanks to these projects, TEEXMA QMS is now ready, completed with the Fast Response system and Layered Process Audit (LPA), QC , maintenance and other functions to support your urgent BIQS needs. Our quality experts are experienced in supporting you pass the SGM audit with our software in short term.

通过这些成果的项目,TEEXMA QMS现在已经完善并随时可以使用。为解决BIQS的当务之急,这一应用涵盖了快速响应,质量控制,LPA分层审计,维护等模块。同时,我们的质量专家也有丰富的协助企业通过软件通过通用汽车BIQS审核的经验。

Meanwhile, thanks to the module based architecture, TEEXMA QMS can be easily extended in the future with more functions. With this solution, our clients will be able to manage the quality with a unique platform in the future.

同时,受益于TEEXMA模块化的架构,TEEXMA QMS在未来可以便捷地拓展增加其他功能模块。通过这一解决方案,在未来我们的客户可以在一个统一的平台上管理进行所有质量体系相关的管理。

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