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China is emerging as the preferred global location for research and development. In fact, 62% of global companies ranked China first “as the most attractive location for prospective R&D” and the Chinese government offers many different subsidies for companies looking to develop R&D centers in China. Taking advantage of the convenient and effective subsidy services that BASSETTI offers can be a great attribute to the future development and ultimately the success of your business.

A substantial amount of funds in subsidies are available to you depending on which type of subsidy you apply for:

• International: Variable amount that can go up to ¥50,000,000

• National: Up to ¥30,000,000

• Regional: Up to ¥5,000,000

• Local: As much as ¥300,000

Many companies have had a very difficult time obtaining the additional capital that has been made readily available to them by the Chinese government. BASSETTI’s knowledgeable expertise can step in as a powerful intermediary to help facilitate these useful assets to you and greatly increase your chances of successfully obtaining what was already there for you. In some cases if you wish, BASSETTI can even handle the entire application process for you! This in return creates a very convenient, stress-free process.

Objective = Answering the following questions:

  • What are the latest subsidies?Subv 1
  • Who provides them?
  • What are the conditions?
  • Who should I contact?
  • How and when can I apply?

No.1: Strategic study – You want to be made aware of all the subsidies that exist

1. Organization & Needs          2. Recommendations

No.2: Database newsflash + Consulting – We provide the comprehensive selection support that you need

1. Checkpoint meetings          2. Alerts         3. Personalized assistance

No.3: Database newsflash + Consulting + Application – We do all the work and assure the best opportunities for you!

1. Application process methodology     2. Project management     3. Application management     4. Dedicated human resource

By applying for subsidies from the Chinese Government, gaining money is not the only key point you will benefit from. If you look at the bigger picture, below could be the other reasons:

  • Find substantial financial means to stimulate your R&D
  • Enhance other financial sources to optimize profitability
  • Widen your R&D « Guanxi » and create network around your team
  • Create tangible links with official authorities
  • Understand trends and general research policies
  • Find partners
  • Collect information on competition
  • Improve your company image


By working with BASSETTI you will ensure yourself and your company the most transparent and the best adapted project management:

  • You benefit from the best practices and lessons learned
  • You can partly outsource the work and better control your cost
  • We take care of the whole process
  • You earn a competitive advantage
  • We ensure you total confidentiality

For information about this service please contact one of our Sales representatives at: or +86 21 54503217 (phone)”