Products & Services - TEEXMA®

TEEXMA is an entirely customizable software solution that is dedicated to the collaborative management of scientific and technical data.

Thanks to its flexibility, TEEXMA has numerous applications that are specifically targeted for R&D needs.

TEEXMA’s various functions have been customized in order to address the management needs of R&D’s intangible assets. These functions are borrowed from Technical Data Management Systems, Automatic Document Management, trial management, product lifecycle follow-ups (PLM/PDM), market intelligence/benchmarking, data management, decision help, etc…).


Capture: Capitalize on your technical knowledge

Structure: A dynamic access to your critical information

Formalize: Automatically create formalizes technical documents

Retrieve: Use our powerful search engine to retrieve information

Reuse: Analyze your data and put your information at work for you

Transmit: Ensure the reliability and diffusion of your technical know how

 Multiciteria Selection:Starting with a list of specifications, the system determines the element contained in the database which correspond to the user query. The selected elements are ordered by relevance to user specifications, and can subsequently be analyzed by criterion.

Management of any type of data:Text fields, Boolean, simple numerical data, multi-variable functions, tables, lists, dates, or even any type of document, image, video, or web pages, can be organized and stored in the system. The data can appear in the form of a table or synthetic sheets.

Extraction:TEEXMA®offers the possibility of automatically editing customizes technical documents. Using the data contained in the data base, the system completes the templates, formatting them according to the needs of the users. The validity of the information is guaranteed, less time is required, and the layout is automatic

Calculation and simulation:Automatically perform calculations on data contained in the database in order to guarantee tracking and validity of results. Any numerical data stored in the TEEXMA® database can be processed in Excel or with any other calculation software. Once the operations have been performed, the results are automatically imported in TEEXMA®. This ensures that the database stays up-to-date and is constantly being enriched.

Workflow:Integrate your document or content validation processes within TEEXMA®, automatically receive alerts when actions are completed, track user’s actions, and monitor workflow statuses.

Importation and exportation assisted by Excel or Word:The importation feature allows a massive acquisition of data. In the same way, any element archived in TEEXMA® can be subjected to export in a specific format.

Document Management:TEEXMA® integrates DMS functionalities; most notably powerful keyword search engine, and the ability to trace documents.

Intelligent navigation system:TEEXMA® features an innovative hyperlink relational navigation system that enables users to build simple links between topics and objects in the database.

Unit converter:TEEXMA® integrates a unit conversion tool to make automatic conversions of numerical data.

Administration of user rights:Secure and control software access by organizing data modification permissions accordingly to user profiles.

Multilingual Software:TEEXMA® comes readily available in a variety of different languages .

Being Completely Customizable; TEEXMA® is an extremely flexible tool which is able to meet very specific requirements with diverse applications. TEEXMA® can be customized (without programming) to meet the specific needs of customer projects in various contexts. Each customer application will be entirely personalized and specific. However, TEEXMA® also has “standard” functionalities.

Evolutionary:Beyond its flexibility, TEEXMA® is also credited with a great evolutive capacity to both expand its scope to new applications and/or meet new or changing requirements. It allows for the modification of the data structure.

Safety and traceability:The system has been designed to insure a high level of security. Access to data is login and password controlled, according to the access rights defined for each user or user group by the administrator. The system can be parametrized to keep track of different elements during the input or modification such as: origin of the data, experimental context, degree of confidence, associated documents, contributor name, input, entry date, etc…”

  • Successive prototype
  • Automatic extraction of documents
  • Multicriteria selection
  • Customizable Interface
  • Uniqueness of the data
  • Technical and scientific data management
  • Reading / Writing
  • Completely customizable
  • Evolutionary software
  • Rights and safety management .